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About the Department

I am truly proud to have been trusted with the responsibility of serving as Head of the Department of Periodontology. Our faculty is exceptional and we offer a full range of academic programs including a comprehensive under graduate and post graduate program.
Periodontology is a specialty in dentistry that is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, and in the placement of dental implants.
A wide range of treatments, such as scaling and root planing (in which the infected surface of the root is cleaned) or root surface debridement (in which damaged tissue is removed). Severe gum problems are treated using a range of surgical procedures. In addition, periodontists are specially trained in the placement and repair of dental implants.

The department of periodontics guides/ trains and provides clinical experience in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases. Experienced faculty conducts programs for the undergraduate and postgraduate students.


To incorporate all the current advances in the basic and clinical knowhow of Periodontology and to reach greater heights thus bridging the gap between research and clinical practice.


To generate budding professionals in the field of Periodontology on par with global contemporary standards to encourage and support clinical and basic research activities in the student community.


• Provide the undergraduate student with a strong theoretical and clinical foundation in the field of periodontology for their future careers in dentistry.
• Enrich the Post Graduate student with an in-depth understanding of contemporary periodontics and to bridge the gap between the current concepts in periodontal research and clinical practice.

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