The Student Admitted To This College/Institute Are Required To Abide By & Follow All The Directives

Students should be regular & punctual in attending classes/ tutorials/practical/clinics/demonstration/labs.He/she should ensure and be aware that minimum 75% attendance in lectures 85% in clinics/practical is essential, to be eligible for appearing in the professional examinations, along with satisfactory progress and conduct.

To appear for the university examinations student required to completed all theory and practical work assigned, and attendance requirements fulfil, as per the requirements of DCI and norms set by Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University, Faizabad.

Students should wear aprons and prescribed/approved uniform, while, attending classes or working in the clinics/labs/hospital etc.
Smoking, chewing betel, alcohol intake, consumption of any intoxicating/narcotic drug, is strictly prohibited in the institutional premises.

If the student tarnishes, the institution's reputation in any manner, he/she will attract strict disciplinary action, up to expulsion, against the said individual.

Destruction/damage to the college/institute property, in whatever way/manner, will be taken-up very seriously, and may result in immediate expulsion of the student and/either recovery the loss incurred.

Ragging of students/juniors, in any form is TOTALLY BANNED, inside or outside the college, hostel, or hospital. This is a criminal offense and offenders, may not only face expulsion lurid/or hotly fine be imposed, and even criminal proceedings may be initiated. Every student should always carry in person, the identity card issued by college.Every student shall bear a plastic name plate pinned on his/her apron. The name plate should be ,written in white and black background , simple(not artistic) pattern and easily readable. Every student should be dressed-up in clean clothes and maintain proper personal hygiene (trimmed nails, combed hair etc.) jean, tops. snickers. slippers etc. are discouraged.

The management/principal reserves the right, to cancel a student from the institute, if the required fees have not been paid on time.

The student should park and securely lock their vehicles (bicycles, scooters, motor cycles, car. etc.),only in the area provided for the purpose ,at their own risk.

The college authority will not be responsible in any manner, for the safety of and /or any damage to the vehicles.The student should possess valid driving license , registration, insurance etc., and wear helmet before leaving the college premises.

Consequences of disobedience shall be the sole responsibility /accountability , of the student/parent/guardian.

Possession and use of fire arms, any weapons etc is a criminal offence under IPC ,appropriate action will be taken along with immediate expulsion/rustication.

Candidates withdrawing/discontinuing the course, before completion , can do so , only after depositing fees for the remaining period of the course.

The Management also reserves the right to change the rules and regulations /provision given in the prospectus at any point of time as per the order s, instructions, issued whether by Hon'ble Supreme Court Of INDIA or Dental Council of India/State and Central Government.