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About the Department

Department of Public health dentistry deals with preventing diseases, prolonging life & promoting physical & mental efficiency through organized community efforts for the sanitation of the environment, the control of communicable infections, the education of individual in personal hygiene, the organization of medical & nursing services for the early diagnosis & preventive treatment of disease and the development of the social machinery to ensure everyone a standard of living adequate for the maintenance of the health.

Career Post Graduate Institute of Dental Sciences & Hospital has independent functioning Public Health Dentistry Department catering services to the population. Outreach activities are being conducted on a regular basis from the department with the help of a well equipped mobile dental van and in association with the satellite clinics.

We help students in providing leadership and expertise in population-based dentistry, oral health surveillance, policy development, community-based disease prevention and health promotion, and the maintenance of the dental safety net.

Career Dental college lucknow

Career Dental college lucknow


Our vision is to improve the public's oral health related quality of life by providing complete range of preventive, curative and rehabilitative services for all population, in order to create a nation where all people enjoy good oral health that contributes to healthy, satisfying lives.


We aim to commit the highest quality of dental care to individuals and communities with warmth, care and professional expertise for the welfare of the public. The mission is to prevent and control oral diseases and conditions by building the knowledge, tools, and networks that promote healthy behaviors and effective public health practices and programs.
Career Dental college lucknow

Career Dental college lucknow

Our Goals:

• To prevent and control dental caries, periodontal disease, oral and pharyngeal (throat) cancers and their risk factors etc across the life stages.
• To make the oral health care available at the doorstep in rural as well as remote areas.
• To eliminate disparities in oral health.
• To promote optimum oral health & prevent diseases through research & development.


• Community oral health care development programs that cater to the community by providing free dental treatment.
• Dedicated & well equipped oral health education centre for oral health promotion.
• Dental Museum designed for oral health awareness, education & motivation of the general public.
• Academic teaching programs with innovations such as role play, health talks and problem based learning.

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